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Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication ~ daVinci


PlanIT Platform is a powerful planning environment that puts the entire process of meeting planning on a single proprietary platform that allows complete access to every detail of every meeting across a company-wide basis.
PlanIT Platform is a highly intuitive, fully integrated web-based solution that can be customized to fit the varying needs of individual organizations. It allows users unrestricted access to information that helps plan, track and document even the most complex meeting.
PlanIT Platform isn't just about technology. It is about a total planning solution that combines the power of advanced technology with the human thought process to streamline, simplify and manage the art of meeting planning by delivering information where and when you need it most.
The best way to evaluate PlanIT Platform is to try it. Contact The Meeting Company at 617-480-9309 to discuss how the right technology can make a world of difference.


Please contact your customer service representative at 508-553-9878 with any questions or concerns or e-mail for assistance.

Don’t forget to check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) link to see if we've already provided the answer to a question you have.


1. Can I change information once I put it into the system?

You have access to change most of the information regarding your event. For any additional changes that need to be done you can contact your TMC associate for assistance and they will be happy to help you.

2. Who else has access to the information about my meetings?

Only employees of your company that have been granted access through our password security system and TMC personnel.

3. How often can I access reports I need?

Reports can be accessed at any time from any location since our system is web-based.

4. If I need information about a prior event to help plan a new one where can I get that?

You will always have access to prior event information as it is stored in our database. Our website also features a "Copy RFP" function which allows you to duplicate the event with the new dates.

5. How long will it take to get proposals back from hotels concerning rates and room blocks?

Although we can't guarantee a quick turn-around from the vendors, we feel our direct link e-mail system for requesting property information is the fastest and most accurate in the industry. We e-mail the link to the contact for the property, they open it complete the information and send it back to us. We review it and then post it to the website for you to view. If all three parties are sitting and waiting to complete the process it could be a matter of a minute or less.

6. If I'm having trouble using the system how hard is it to get help?

Help is a phone call or e-mail away. We are always here for you to help make your job easier.

7. What if I need to change my password because of security concerns?

A quick call or e-mail to us and we can do that for you.

8. How timely and current is the budget information in the system?

It is essentially real time information and as current as it can get. If you put budget information into the system it is automatically calculated to show in the report or any other part of the website. So if you want to change any information to see if changes would keep you in budget you can do that and then just change it back to where you want it. If you assign a food cost for a dinner then immediately look at the budget report it will be there.
If you enter final budget information while at an event, your accounting department can pull it up and cut a check to pay the bill before you even return to the office.

9. How many meetings can we enter into the system?

As many as you want.

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PlanIT Platform™ is an exclusive product of The Meeting Company, LLC. All rights reserved. No portion of PlanIT Platform™ maybe copied or reproduced without written permission from The Meeting Company, LLC.

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